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I discovered Wikipedia in February 2004, and was delighted with what I found. I am learning how to use these excellent tools and, in the process, trying to make useful contributions to topics where I have some expertise.

I am greatly impressed with the power and potential of a collaborative encyclopedia project. I am proud to be able to make a contribution.

some things to do:

  • relay history - the contributions of Henry and Morse as a coherent development path
  • relay surge - tungsten loads are the worst case, not inductive, fix that application section

despite all that there is in here, there are some important design insights still missing

  • schmitt trigger - for connecting fast logic to slowly changing signals
    • related discussion of how slow signals might burn up cmos
    • related discussion of logic level definitions and "undefined zone"
    • inverter transfer functions, it is strange these are missing
      • show black-box y=x connection
      • use of some types of logic as hf amplifiers
      • show derivation of bistable solution
      • link to ring oscillator if that is missing too

in the transformer article there could usefully be a section on unintended or accidental transformers

  • cross coupling, of course, and why twisted pairs and transpositions are used
  • slipped pairs - when twisted pairs are misused
  • why power wires must not be split in conduits - with NEC reference etc

in the foldback current limit article

  • a more general treatment of the generally useful foldback strategy for dealing with overload or saturation
    • and the stragegy of forcing a limit-cycle oscillation for automatic recovery

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