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Beta Rho is the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. We are a co-ed service fraternity dedicated to Leadership, Friendship, Service.


Elected Officers
President - Jennifer Field
VP Membership - Doug Nelson
VP Service - Alex Byers
Pledge Trainer - Peggy Sue Williams
Treasurer - Kent Walker
Secretary - Natalie Lawrence
Historian - Tyler Goldammer
Advisory Chair - Dr. Fred Heismeyer

President Appointed Officers
AD/PR Chair - Clark Smith
Technology Co-Chairs - Alex Byers and Daniel Worthy

Service Chairs
Scouting U Co-Chairs - Jeff Rieske and Melissa Webb
Coke-tab Drive Co-Chairs - Daniel Worthy and Peggy Sue Williams


Outstanding Active[edit]

This award is presented to the Active who shows exceptional understanding of the Cardinal Principals. This award was created in the fall semester of 1991.

Fall 1991 : James Adam Bolain
Spring 1992 : John Morrison
Fall 1992 : Tina Canfield
Spring 1993 : Sandra Burnett
Fall 1993 : Angela Kemper
Spring 1994 : Anne Taunton
Fall 1994 : Jennifer Mannon
Spring 1995 : Maggie Gyde
Fall 1995 : Jennifer Kilpatrick
Spring 1996 : Jeff Warrick
Fall 1996 : Kevin Alexander
Spring 1997 : Adria Wilson
Fall 1997 : Josh Buchannon
Spring 1998 : Lisa Westbrook
Fall 1998 : Stacy Bingham
Spring 1999 : Sharon Randall
Spring 2000 : Tony Wang
Spring 2001 : Benjamin Reynolds
Fall 2001 : Nancy Williams and Michelle Rowe (Reynolds)
Spring 2002 : Tony Wang
Fall 2002 : Sara Gale
Spring 2003 : Cali Undernehr
Fall 2003 : Sara Gale
Spring 2004 : Nicole Davis
Fall 2004 : Peggy Sue Williams
Spring 2005 : Alex Byers

Outstanding Pledge[edit]

This award is presented each semester to the Pledge who shows exceptional understanding of the Principles of Alpha Phi Omega through adherence to the Cardinal Principals. This award was created in the spring semester of 1990.

Spring 1990 : Roger Stearns
Fall 1990 : Chris Ferguson
Spring 1991 : Katherine Lloyd
Fall 1991 : Mike Blain
Spring 1992 : Tina Canfield
Fall 1992 : Monica Moore
Spring 1993 : Robin Miller
Fall 1993 : Eric Roberson
Spring 1994 : Justin Kilpatrick
Fall 1994 : Meredith Mannon
Spring 1995 : Jennifer Plummly
Fall 1995 : Jimmy Conklin
Spring 1996 : Richard Harper
Fall 1996 : Austin Pittman
Spring 1997 : James R. Newman
Fall 1997 : Elizebeth Martin
Spring 1998 : Jerry Lopez
Fall 1998 : Laura Gaskin
Spring 1999 : Cliff Haynes
Spring 2000 : Hong Vong
Spring 2002 : Jenni Foster
Fall 2002 : Megan Carter
Fall 2003 : Sarah Rowley
Spring 2004 : Sara Albrecht
Fall 2004 : Doug Nelson
Spring 2005 : Daniel Worthy

Outstanding Service Hours (Active)[edit]

This award is presented to the Active with the most service hours. This award was created in the fall semester of 1991.

Fall 1991 : W. Brant Warrick
Spring 1992 : Katherine Lloyd
Fall 1992 : Joy Bell
Spring 1993 : Betsy Young
Fall 1993 : James Adam Bolain
Spring 1994 : Jeff Warrick
Fall 1994 : Chuck Barnet
Spring 1995 Jeff Warrick
Fall 1995 Jeff Warrick
Kevin Alexander Spring 1996
Kevin Alexander Fall 1996
Mike Dunavant Spring 1997
Kurt Merideth Fall 1997
Jill Parish Spring 1998
Kevin Alexander Fall 1998
Jason Hemphill Spring 1999
Alex Byers & Nicole Davis Fall 2002
Shelby Seward Spring 2003
Alex Byers Fall 2003
Nicole Schaefli Spring 2004
Beth Wyatt Fall 2004
Peggy Sue Williams Spring 2005

Outstanding Service Hours (Pledge)[edit]

This award is presented to the Pledge who has the most Service hours by the deadline set by the Vice President of Service (usually one week before the semester banquet). This award was created in the spring semester of 1991.

Chris Sherwood Spring 1991
Anna Eiriksdottir Fall 1991
Tina Canfield Spring 1992
Robert Walker Fall 1992
John Peterson Spring 1993
Calvin Myles Fall 1993
Brandy Cypert Spring 1994
Josh Adams Fall 1994
Elizabeth Mummert Spring 1995
Belinda Flyod Fall 1995
Meghan Deal Spring 1996
Jennifer Sinele Fall 1996
Mike Stephens Spring 1997
Jill Parish Fall 1997
Graci Johnson Spring 1998
Stephanie Riis-Due Fall 1998
Anita Leung Spring 1999
John Cole Spring 2000
Jen Zimple (Pillow) Fall 2001
Alex Byers Spring 2002
Jill Marshall Fall 2002
Chris Ryen Spring 2003
Lindsey Howard Fall 2003
Davis Kitterlin Spring 2004
Lee Bishop Fall 2004
Tyler Goldammer Springl 2005

Outstanding Big Brother[edit]

This award, as voted on by the Pledges, recognized who they think is the best Big Brother. This award was created in the fall semester of 1996.

Jimmy Conklin Fall 1996
Mike Dunavant Spring 1997
J.R. Newman Fall 1997
Bryan Thomason Spring 1998
Austin Pittman Fall 1998
Sharon Randall Spring 1999
Ian Pillow Spring 2000
Robert Walker Fall 2000
Benjamin Reynolds Spring 2001
Colleen Doyle Fall 2001
Colleen Doyle Spring 2002
Shelby Seward Fall 2002
Sara Gale Fall 2003
Peggy Sue Williams Spring 2004
Jennifer Foster Fall 2004
Krissy Unkel Spring 2005

E. Fay Jones Service to Scouting[edit]

This award is named for a Beta Rho charter member, for his many years of service to the Scouting movement, and is presented to a Brother or Pledge who has demonstrated outstanding service to the Scouting movements in the spirit of Alpha Phi Omega and the Scout Oath and Law. This award was created in the spring semester of 1991 and is only awarded when deemed necessary.

Rick Collins Spring 1991
Jason Swim Fall 1991
W. Brant Warrick Spring 1992
Chuck Barnett Spring 1993
Kevin Alexander Fall 1994
Anne Taunton Fall 1996
Roger Stearns Spring 1997
Ben Allen Spring 1998
Colleen Doyle Spring 2002
Lindsey Barnes Fall 2003
Jenni Foster Spring 2004
Melissa Webb Spring 2005

Golden Sash[edit]

In Spring 1999, Beta Rho decided to start a new award to recognize those members who did outstanding service, but were not recognized individually. Therefore, a "Sash" will be given to certain members, according to the following rules.
Recipients must:

  • Represent the 3 Cardinal Principles: Leadership, Friendship, and Service
  • No more than 2 per semester
  • Candidates determined at the discretion of the current sash holders
  • Not based on popularity
  • Not based on fulfilling duties of an elected/appointed office
  • No more than 1 pledge can be considered (must be outstanding)

Current Rules:

  • Current active sash holders will nominate and elect new members as long as there are at least four of them.
  • Awards Committee will have voice, but no vote.
  • If less than four sash holders are active, the decisions revert back to the Awards Committee until the number of sash holders are back to four or more.

Spring 1999 : Stephen Jones
Spring 1999 : Stephanie Riis-Due
Spring 1999 : Jamie Reynolds
Spring 1999 : Amanda Kay Stark
Fall 2001 : Nicole Schlaefli
Spring 2002 : Nicole Davis
Fall 2002 : Beth Wyatt
Spring 2004 : Sarah Rowley

Chapter Distinguished Service Key[edit]

The Chapter Distinguished Service Key is awarded to Brothers (Active, Alumni, Advisory, or Honorary) who have given unselfishly of their time and energy in the spirit of Alpha Phi Omega: that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist this chapter in the reaching and furthering of its goals and improving the overall quality of the Beta Rho Chapter. This award is not to be given to the same person more than once. It is the highest award a chapter can give to one individual and is NOT to be awarded lightly.

Dr. Eugene H. Schmitz Fall 1990
Roger L. Stearns Spring 1991
W. Brant Warrick Spring 1991
ames C. Porter Spring 1991
Christopher Y. Davidson Fall 1991
Fred C. Heismeyer Fall 1992
Dawn M. Thomas Fall 1992
James E. Erwin Spring 1993
John M. Morrison Spring 1993
James James Adam Bolain Spring 1994
Jeff Warrick Spring 1997
Kevin Alexander Spring 1997
Lisa Westbrook Spring 1999
Ben Reynolds Spring 2002
Tony Wang Fall 2004
Sara Gale Spring 2004
Nicole Schaelfli Spring 2004
Nicole Davis Spring 2005


Scouting University
2005 Tri-Sectional Conference


The Beta Rho chapter at the University of Arkansas was founded on April 2, 1939. The chapter had truly been the embodiment of the Scout Oath and Law, and provided much service until it went inactive in the late 1970's. A few years later, those with a desire to do service in the spirit of Alpha Phi Omega came together and rechartered the chapter on November 8, 1980. The chapter operated well for approximately seven years. Unfortunately in 1988 the chapter's membership had dwindled, and apparently no substantial membership drive was attempted. The few remaining members of the chapter graduated. The chapter had lost sight of its purpose of service and quit reporting to the National Office. The chapter once again disbanded. Fortunately good luck was just around the corner. An Eagle Scout who began to attend the University of Arkansas became aware of the purpose of and need for Alpha Phi Omega. He then set out to try and reform a chapter on our campus. In the fall semester of 1989, freshman Roger Stearns conducted a search to find Eagle Scouts interested in starting a chapter of a national service fraternity connected with the Scouting movement, Alpha Phi Omega.
The following semester, Roger Stearns, Brant Warrick, Chris Davidson, Jim Erwin, Chuck Becker, Kevin Alexander, Brian Wray, and Chad Simpson joined together to restart the Beta Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, along with others who played strong roles in helping to guide the chapter's formation. Sectional Chairman James Porter worked very closely with the eight scouts, to ensure a viable chapter program was established. Matt Starost, a brother from Alpha Beta Xi chapter and a graduate student, served as pledgemaster. And Advisors Dr.Eugene Schmitz and Attorney Joe Reed helped to guide the chapter.