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Riverwalk Kitakyushu and the Kokura castle moat

Riverwalk Kitakyushu (リバーウォーク北九州, Ribāwōku Kitakyūshū) is a prestigious shopping centre near the Murasaki river and Kokura Castle in Kokura Kita ward, Kitakyushu, Japan. It was opened as part of the Kitakyushu Renaissance policy on April 19, 2003. It includes theatres, restaurants, a multiplex cinema, NHK studios, the head offices of Zenrin Co. and the Asahi Shinbun (West area), and a branch of the Kitakyushu city art museum.

East side of Riverwalk building


The design is composed of five contrasting geometrical shapes in five colours (yellow, red, white, brown and black) to break the massive complex into acceptable proportions.

Map museum[edit]

The NHK building (brown) and Zenrin-Asahi Shinbun building (black)

On the 14th floor of the Zenrin-Asahi Shinbun building is the Zenrin map museum. The entrance fee 100 yen. It is open on weekdays, 10.00-17.00.

Second stage[edit]

The next stage is the construction of the new 11-story Kokura campus of Nishinippon Institute of Technology which will contain the design faculty, and a four-story Toyota Lexus showroom.

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