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Public domainThis user comes from Canada.
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AndrewRH is short for Andrew Reeves-Hall. You can read all about him at his family webpage.

Others seem to think he don't write English good: That is probably why many of his little tweaks to pages like Toronto, Whitby, Ontario and Canada have been expunged. But the FinePrint update seems to have stuck for now...WAIT! It was just marked for deletion (Feb 2012). Right, I'm off...

He has a habbit of writing run-on sentences.

He claims to have been a popular computer BBS sysop: He co-managed the BBS, which he helped write in Apple BASIC, at the Computer Innovations (and then ComputerLand) store in Oshawa, where he was a part-time salesman. His fingers are still numb from dialing the computer's phone number using his home-made rotary phone / acoustic coupler combo device built by his dad.

He now lives in Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK and was born in Toronto, Canada.